What Are The Advantages of Laser Teeth Whitening?
Posted on: 07/27/2016, by : Cedric McCraney
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Tooth whitening is a procedure that is relatively carried out for cosmetic purposes. With the whitening of the teeth, the dentist will apply techniques aimed at bleaching the enamel. The bleaching reduces the discoloration of the teeth, which in turn makes them whiter.

One of the procedures of whitening the teeth is the laser teeth whitening. In this procedure, the dentist will apply techniques of making the teeth whiter with the use of laser beams. Here are some advantages of teeth whitening using the laser beams.

• It is less painful to the patient

Unlike other procedures of making the teeth whiter, the laser technique is painless, and the patient will simply sit back as the laser beams whiten the teeth. During the procedure, a rubber cap will be placed in the mouth to prevent the laser beams from affecting the gums. After that, a bleaching agent will be applied to whiten the teeth. The stained teeth will then be whitened using the laser beams.

• The results are instant

One of the top advantages of the laser whitening of the teeth is that the results will be noticed immediately after the procedure. You won’t have to wait for several days or weeks for you to have whiter teeth. Rather, it will only take a few hours to go through the procedure and after that, your teeth will be sparkling white.

• Long-lasting results

Compared to other techniques of whitening the teeth, laser whitening leads to longer results. You will not worry about having stained teeth after a week or two of the procedure. The procedures vary from one to another, based on the whitening agent. Some laser whitening procedures are known to last for up to five years. Other regular teeth whitening procedures might not be as long lasting as the laser whitening.

• Less damage involved

From the process of whitening the teeth, the laser whitening tends to involve less damage. The patient wears a rubber cap, which will protect the gum. The laser will then target the enamel of the teeth alone, which is safer. With such procedures like the teeth whitening trays, they are used along with whitening gel that can cause teeth sensitivity in the long run.

The laser teeth whitening procedure and outcome is reliable and long lasting. Even though the procedure is more expensive than the regular whitening procedures, laser whitening is worth every penny. Always ensure that you hire a reputable dentist to offer the laser whitening. Avoid going to dentists that are not registered and licensed. Also, it’s advised to choose a dentist that has innovative equipment to handle the laser whitening.