Vegan Diet for Beginners
Posted on: 05/13/2018, by : Cedric McCraney
different kinds of veggies

Food is a big part of your life, aside from keeping you alive and giving you the energy to grow and function as a human, you are also emotionally attached to your food just like the rest of us. That is why changing your diet is one of the hardest things to do that will test your determination to a limit, there are many aspects of eating that makes it hard for you to change what you put in out the body. But it is not impossible at all once you have found your goal and motivation to do it, maybe there is something that you want to accomplish, and that is what makes you want to be a vegan.

The biggest misconception about not consuming meat and food that is animal based is you will not get enough protein, while the truth says otherwise. Soy, for example, is a great way for you to get the protein that you needed. It has been proven over the time that you can survive and thrive from eating plant-based food. If you are new to this world, here is a beginner guide to the vegan diet.

Carrageenan and gelatin

Without realizing it, you ate a lot of both in the past, because it is what the food companies and industries use in many meals as their thickening agent. The difference is gelatin comes from boiling skin, bone, and other parts of an animal that you will not want to consume if it is presented just as it is. Because you never know how good or bad the quality of the animal parts that they put in the gelatin, you can only imagine how unhealthy this ingredient is compared to carrageenan. Though carrageenan can do the exact thing that gelatin would do to your meal, it is made from dried red seaweed which makes it safer to consume. There are a lot of carrageenan health facts that would make you want to ditch gelatin.

Cow milk and soy milk

milkLet’s talk about facts that people usually do not realize when it comes to drinking and consuming cow’s milk. For a cow to produce milk, the female needs to be a mother first, and that only means that the milk farm keeps the cow pregnant but throw away the babies just to be able to take the milk for us to drink. It is weird to think that you are drinking milk that is meant for another living being, and why would you do that if there are so many milk alternatives that is healthier and plant-based like soy and almond.

Margarine and butter

butterBoth taste just as delicious, and you often use it in your bread, toast, cake, cookies, baked goods, and other cooked meals. Though it may be more tempting to use butter just because that is what you are comfortable with, butter is made out of cow milk which makes it just as bad as the milk.