Choosing the Right Recliner for Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, you need a recliner that can alleviate pain and pressure. However, not all recliners are designed equal. For instance, they are not all meant for alleviating back pain. A recliner is also known as the armchair or lounger. This special chair comes with heat massage, motor, headrest, lumbar support, and footrest. These features play an important role in ensuring the muscles are supported and you get the much-needed relief.

reclinerA recliner chair is quite different from the ordinary chair that puts a lot of stress on the spine. Instead, it ensures you get adequate comfort and rest. According to, it ensures gravity is uniformly distributed across the body. In this way, the weight of the upper body is pushed into the seat rather than to the lower back. This allows the lower back muscles to relax.

Types of Recliners

Taking into account your health condition; there are different types of recliners on the market that can suit your needs. For instance, there are those designed for both seniors and young people. The following are the various types of recliners:

Zero Gravity Recliners

These types are unique and meant to provide adequate comfort. For instance, they provide a lot of space for sitting. With zero gravity, you are sure you can get adequate rest for your back. Moreover, they mimic the body shape and recline accordingly to relieve stress from the hips and the back. This makes them ideal for both permanent and temporary back pains. Their designed ensure you have a more soothed and relaxed back.

Massaging Recliners

recliner for back painIf you want relaxation and soothing, then you should look for a massaging recliner. It is an armchair that incorporates motors, heating, rollers, and various vibrating features. These features play an important role to ensure the muscle comfortable and offer you a soothing sensation that can help you get rid of knees and joints. In addition, they come with cushioned recliners to offer you ample comfort. The fact that they help improve blood circulation means that they can relieve stress. This makes them good for overall health.

Lifting Recliners

These types of recliners are designed for elderly persons who are suffering from severe back pain. They have controls that help users to control their sitting position. Thus, you can decide whether to raise or lower the chair as per your convenience.…