Breast Implants

A Review Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Today most women have opted to take the breast augmentation or the breast implant surgery to make their breasts firm and big. The course of the surgery, from the initial consultation to the complete recovery and achievement of final results takes a total time frame of 5-6months after surgery.

A review of breast augmentation surgery

Reasons to have breast augmentation surgery

hhfghytytgfhghgfhfBreast augmentation works solely for the enlargement and enhancement of the size and contour of one’s breasts that may be one breast or both. The use of prosthesis silicone based breast implant devices is placed underneath the breast tissues or muscles to achieve proper volume and curve both. The conservative approach towards a breast enlargement surgery indicates that either the patient has small breasts or uneven breasts, or had undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery.

The surgery is viable for increasing a cup size, but the larger the cup size of the breast implants, it bears the higher potential risk of complications such as tearing one’s breast ligaments, tendons. So keeping ground with a conservative approach and aiming for the most naturalistic sized breast implants is a smarter choice. And plastic surgeons carry the onus to advise the patients and disclose to the patients the potential risks and benefits of the surgery to help them make a wise decision and feel confident about it.

When to have breast augmentation surgery?

The ideal age said is above 18, but the most significant candidate is best over 21 years old. Not only physical maturity and full development of the breasts is necessary or rather more conditional on having this surgery, emotional maturity is equally important. Hence, even though by age 18, the full development of breasts happens and it is apparent whether the patient has macromastia or uneven breasts. However, emotionally the patients may be not as stable still in their teens. So giving some time and thought is rather wise. And a breast augmentation surgery should not be percept as an object of fashion or trend.

At the initial consultation

dhfghgfhgfhgfyyyyttytyPresent a recent medical history to the surgeon, and disclose all about your health, past illness and medical treatments. The surgeon might also ask for a medical history of the immediate family to trace any symptoms in the patient that may impair or interfere with the surgery and cause any complications while living with breast implants.

The surgery

The patient’s breast size, nipple placement, skin tone, skin texture and elasticity is checked and judged at the initial consultation. A mammogram is done to ensure that the patient is clear of any lumps in the breasts. Depending on the condition of the patient and her desire, breast implant liposuction size and type, incision type and implant placement types are chosen. And the whole course of the surgery is clearly explained and revised. The surgery then follows.…