Bowling Balls 101

Bowling is a game of skill with a lot of technique involved. Some people find it complex, but with the right equipment, even a beginner can get it right. But choosing the right equipment is not always that easy thus the need for honest, unbiased and in-depth information about bowling balls in the market.

Bowlers will tell you to get the best performance you need to have the right kind of bowling ball matched with your skill and level of practice to make it easy to score. But different bowling balls perform differently on different occasion. Reading reviews is one great way of finding out which bowling ball is the best in the market. So how does one get to choose the right bowling bowl?



Bowling experts will tell you to always look at the price of a bowling ball. Expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best bowling ball in the market. There are a lot of cheaper bowling balls that offer you a great bowling experience. For example Storm, bowling balls are the best bowling balls in class bowling balls given how cheap they are compared to other balls in the market.


The Position of Finger Holes

When you buy a bowling ball, you will have to drill finger holes into your ball. Seek out expertise help in determining placement and where holes will be drilled. The symmetrical core of ball is key to ensuring more versatility when you drill holes to your ball which in turn will leave you with a memorable bowling experience.



For a beginner it’s always good to get lighter balls and as you progress you can get heavier bowling balls as your game improves. The best way to test the weight of different bowling balls is by visiting your local bowling alley and testing out the different balls they have.


bowlingReactivity of the Ball

Getting the right ball that hits the pins could be what you need to win that match with minimal effort. A very reactive ball without the right compensation will leave you fluffing your shots thus the need to adjust your approach when bowling.


Texture and Material

If you are a beginner looking for a perfect straight bowl, it’s recommended to use balls with polyester coverstock. The texture allows for the ball to glide down the bowling alley combined with the right skill you will be a bowling professional within no time. Pearl covered bowling balls are ideal for medium oil lanes.



Any professional bowler will tell you to get the best performance you need a lot of practice. So get a bowling ball that will last a long time and feel right at home within your fingers. Also, get a ball that will not crack when you drill holes into it.

Other factors you might consider when getting a bowling ball is its stylish nature and design. The style of a bowling ball can increase and boost the confidence of a bowler, especially for a beginner. Some companies like Storm have gone to great lengths to ensure they offer customers the perfect bowling ball. Through years of research Storm bowling balls are best in class¬†given how cheap they are bowling balls preferred by professional bowlers and beginners. To ensure that you get the right product always read the product reviews and compare different products to get value for your money.…