Health Benefits Of Kapha Support
Posted on: 05/05/2017, by : Cedric McCraney
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Kapha is essential in governing the body, also for the lubrication of the mind and body. The fundamental importance of kapha support is that it controls the growth, weight and the lubrication of the lungs and joints and the formation of the seven known tissues. The seven tissues are bones, fats, muscles, marrow, nutritive fluids, reproductive tissues and blood.

Importance of Kapha

A Kapha is comprised of two elements; the earth and water element. Kaphas are mostly associated with being slow or even set in their ways, but they also possess an advantage of being strong, accepting and being extraordinarily kind. As a Kapha, one tends to be loving, close to family, community and loved ones.

The Kapha dosha is just all about the tissues and the structure of the body. Since Kapha is a slow dosha, this means that it is relatively slow to make decisions and process information. For many highly sensitive people, an HSPs can create a steady and an inner security of the Kapha and build relationships and life work for the Kapha.

The Subdoshas of Kapha and their health importance

4tggdKledaka. This Kapha is associated with the stomach. It is a moist and structural dosha that helps in keeping the lining of an individual stomach moist.

Shleshaka. A shleshaka Kapha is mainly located in the joints and is highly useful for the purpose of joints lubrication.

Tarpaka. This type of Kapha is located in the spinal column and the brain. The function of this Kapha is for protection and the creation of the brain and the nervous system.

Avalambaka. This type of Kapha is located in the chest, heart and lower back. The purpose of this subdoshas is strength and it’s commonly referred to as the core because it strengthens a person’s core.

Bhodaka. This subdoshas is located on the tongue, and it’s responsible for taste and salivation. In Ayurveda, taste is of the essence for the determination of foods that supportive for an individual physiological balance. This subdosha Kapha provides the ability to differentiate the Ayurvedic tastes.

Predominantly Kapha Dosh People

A characteristic of the people with predominant Kapha dosha is that they are strong and heavy set. The Kaphas have a benefit from strong physical work that keeps them from the sluggish and the sedentary way of life which could result to obesity.

The contributions of Kapha to the HSP health is that it enhances and protects the Kapha dosha and helps in creating a more satisfying and stable life for the highly sensitive people.