Common Concerns About Medical Marijuana Answered
Posted on: 10/05/2017, by : Cedric McCraney
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Medical marijuana is different from the commonly abused drug. Being relatively new, most proponents of medical marijuana or even those against its use would welcome the opportunity to learn more about these drugs. These drugs have been a subject of harsh criticism before their legalization in some states. As much as the long term effects might be unknown, medical marijuana has been proven to provide many health benefits. However, since most people know very little or nothing about these drugs, here are some frequently asked questions about medical marijuana.

FAQ about medical marijuana

What are the components of medical marijuana?

Marijuana has two main components or cannabinoids. These areqDSaDScA tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the cannabinoid (CBD). Ideally, THC is the element that makes one feel stimulated after using marijuana. Moreover, it is also responsible for stimulating your appetite. On the other hand, CBD is considered to be psychoactive and is responsible for reducing body pains.

What are the effects of using medical marijuana?

Most people tend to be overly concerned about the effects of using marijuana. Unfortunately, these concerns are inspired by all sorts of negative campaigns against the use of marijuana. But first, you should be aware that the effects are not standard, and different people respond to differently. However, the significant effects of using marijuana include pain relief, relaxation, reduced nausea, increased apatite, sleep, improved concentration among others.

What medical conditions can be treated by marijuana?

ASdaSDccSFrom the effects highlighted above, it is clear that marijuana can help in treating some medical conditions. Weed has been proven to help patient struggling with different ailments such as arthritis, anxiety and depression, glaucoma, seizures, cancer and diseases that lead to chronic pains such as nerve damage. The conditions treated by medical marijuana are many. However, the use of medical marijuana to treat some of these treatments is governed by state regulations about the same.

How do you buy medical marijuana?

When it comes to buying medical marijuana, there is the aspect of accessing treatment and where you can get the drug. To buy medical marijuana, you need to have a recommendation from the doctor and have a medical marijuana card as well. With a medical marijuana ID card, you can buy marijuana from legalized dispensaries in your state. If you need to buy it online, you should also confirm that the company is licensed, certified, and authorized to sell medical marijuana.