Benefits and characteristics of a deep-tissue massage
Posted on: 07/05/2017, by : Cedric McCraney

The deep tissue massage technique is a special method that relies on using deep but slow strokes across the grain of the muscle, so as to relieve the stress in your body. By using the fingers to apply the pressure, a deep tissue massage specialist will relieve you of any chronic muscle tension, specifically from those areas of your body, which are painful and contracted due to stress and tension.

Deep tissue effects

The deep tissue massage, which you can get from the sage blossom massage┬áCenter, among other types, is mainly focused on deep tissue structures of the fascia and the muscles (also known as connective tissues). The massage specialist will detect and identify the distorted postural patterns, as well as shortened muscles and focus his/her effort on them. With deep and slow strokes, he/she will lengthen the muscles, in order to restore the balance, reduce any stress and restore your body’s functional integrity. Throughout the massage, the therapist will use forearms, hand heels and foot heels, flat elbow – opposing thumbs, and, of course, fingers.

The benefits

2During the procedure, or immediately after it, you may experience a mild feeling of soreness in the targeted areas of your body. However, you should not worry about that at all, because that feeling usually passes after only 24-48 hours, after which you will feel much better and rejuvenated. After a day or two, you will feel much better and healthier, because your muscle tissue will be loosened. Not only that but also all the toxin build-up in your muscles will get released from your body as well. Additionally, oxygen and blood will have a much better circulation throughout your body and, because of that, you will feel fully refreshed and revitalized. After the massage, make sure to drink a lot of water because it is necessary to properly dispose of all the toxins that have been stored in your muscles and your body in general.

Who can benefit the most?

A deep tissue massage can be helpful to a number of people. Those who can benefit the most out of it are athletes, who are regularly using their bodies and muscles in highly intensive physical activities. This type of massage can also greatly help people, who are suffering from edema, fibromyalgia, muscle cramping, chronic pain, and to some degree, even the carpal tunnel syndrome. After the treatment, these people usually experience a great relief and feel much more energetic and healthier. Once again, this is mostly because strong and slow strokes are highly effective in re-establishing proper blood circulation in the affected areas.

Who should avoid it?

These days, deep-tissue massages have become one of the most popular ones, more popular than Swedish massages. However, they are not recommended for the following.

  • Those who have recently undergone surgery. These people should wait at least a few weeks before undergoing a deep-tissue massage.
  • People, who are suffering from osteoporosis, should consult their doctors before opting for this massage type
  • Those who are currently undergoing a radiation treatment or chemotherapy,
  • People who are prone to blood clots, since deep tissue massage can lead to the dislodging of the blood clots.

3In any case, always consult with your doctor, so as to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the massage and your safety.